Fundraising is one of the most powerful and enjoyable ways to get involved and contribute directly to The Charlie Teo Foundation.

The key to successful fundraising is doing something fun that suits your audience.

Organise your own individual or team fundraising event, collect donations as part of a special celebration or in memory of someone, or join a community event and ask your friends and family to sponsor you. We always welcome new ideas!

How to Get Started?

We have put together a Fundraising Guide which is packed with ideas and tips to make sure your fundraising is successful and fun.

You can also complete our Community Fundraising Form and we will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss how we can help make your fundraising day a success.

For those of you wishing to fundraise in QLD please be patient with us while we obtain QLD state charitable fundraising licence.

How to start On-Line Fundraising


Create a fundraising page for your birthday, wedding, or any special occasions and ask friends to donate instead of buying a present.

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Create a fundraising page in memory of your loved one. This can be done instead of funeral envelopes or a way to celebrate their memory on their birthday etc.

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Challenge yourself and ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you. Challenges can be anything from a head shave to a motorbike ride. The Challenge is up to you!

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