Ways to Donate

Regular giving

Regular giving is one of the most effective ways to support the Charlie Teo Foundation. Knowing we can rely on your regular contribution allows us to work with the researchers to plan for the future.

Becoming a regular giver means you will be making a direct and ongoing impact to the lives of brain cancer patients giving them hope of better treatments.


Easy and Flexible

Regular giving is easy and flexible. Each month your chosen amount is automatically debited from your credit card. You can increase, decrease or cancel your monthly donation at any time by contacting us.

Once you have signed up, we will send you a letter confirming your payment details and welcoming you as one of our valued supporters.

We will send you a receipt every July for all your donations received in the previous financial year which you can then use for tax purposes.

Become a regular giver today by emailing: info@charlieteofoundation.org.au

Work Place Giving

Our workplace giving program allows you to regularly donate from your pre-tax pay to the Charlie Teo Foundation through your employer’s payroll system.

You can determine how much you would like to contribute and your donation can be stopped or altered at any time. You do not have to collect, keep or claim receipts. Your donations will be processed with your pay and you will get an immediate, guaranteed tax deduction.

Your donation will be made pre-tax so that it will cost you less than the amount we receive from your payroll office.

By joining your colleagues in our workplace giving program your regular contributions accumulate to make a significance difference in lives of brain cancer patients.