Melbourne Teams Triathlon

  • Sunday 25 February 2024

Be part of the Charlie Teo Foundation team in the Melbourne Teams Corporate Triathlon and together let's tackle brain cancer head-on!

Melbourne Teams Corporate Triathlon is the ultimate way for workplaces to participate in a healthy and competitive environment.

Teams can choose between the Full Relay (Main) or the Fun Relay.

Full Relay (Main) – Teams of three perform a full triathlon each. Timing bands are handed over in team transition, and each team member will receive their own results, which is combined for a total team time.

Fun Relay – Teams of two or three, each perform a leg(s) of one triathlon, dividing up the swim, bike and for fun, for a total team time.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a first timer, participating in Melbourne Teams Corporate Triathlon will forge memories and create bonds that go beyond the race course. Get ready to push your limits, encourage your teammates, and revel in the spirit of teamwork!

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25 February 2024