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Funding the best brains to beat brain cancer

I could’ve walked away from the fight against brain cancer. But it’s not in me to give up. That’s why I started the Charlie Teo Foundation. I want to put myself out of a job.

Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease and more people under 40 than any other cancer. The worst type of brain cancer, GBM, is also the most common and has an average survival of only 14 months from diagnosis.

I have been raising funds for brain cancer research for the last 20 years. It absolutely breaks my heart to say that with all that money and all that effort, survival rates for brain cancer patients have not improved in over 35 years.

As a neurosurgeon I offer surgery to patients from all around the world who have been given no hope. At the Charlie Teo Foundation, we offer hope of a better future for patients and families.

We need to start thinking differently to find a solution.

Let’s do this together. We are going to get there. A world without brain cancer.

Prof Charlie Teo AM – Founder

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