Our Community is our inspiration. Every day they teach us incredible courage, strength, love and above all, hope. Hope for their children, families and friends. It is because of them and for them that we work together to raise funds for brain cancer research.

Together we are creating hope as we move towards a world free of brain cancer.

Ann Willmington

In 2008 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I was then told I had about 18 months to live. Personally, I didn’t take much notice of this initial prognosis.

I had my first operation in Penrith Hospital and was in recovery for about two weeks. My surgeon, Dr Nair, told me after surgery that the tumor was bigger than he’d expected and that there was only one doctor who may be able to help me further and that was Dr Charlie Teo.

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Alegra Marina Vasiliou

Alegra was born 19th September 2011. Her family and friends describe her a “beautiful soul –she was courageous, smart, gorgeous, kind, funny, loving, organised, appreciative, thoughtful, energetic, adventurous” – what you’d expect from most happy kids about to start kindy.

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Marcella’s Adventures

I often say there are standout moments in one’s life that stay with you forever.

One such moment for me was when my husband was finally succumbing to brain cancer, and Charlie Teo rang me to see if he could come over and visit us.

He sat with us all evening, despite the fact that he had to operate in the morning, and when he left I thought to myself, ‘what other doctor do I know who would do that?’.

So, when Charlie asked me to join the newly founded Charlie Teo Foundation I didn’t hesitate.

Building the Charlie Teo Foundation

The last three weeks have been extremely exciting. Working with our small team here, affectionately known as ‘Charlie’s Angels’, we have been busy setting up our new office at Rosebery.

There is a real air of excitement as every day we reach new milestones: new office, first fundraising event, website— it’s all happening quickly.

Supporters – More Angels!

We are also extremely fortunate to have some amazing supporters. There are some beautiful traditions that have grown over the years. For example, Music For Life out at Penrith, now in its seventh year this event was created by Wayne & Anne Wilmington.

The most recent on Saturday 21 October and was attended by Charlie & Genevieve Teo, Michelle and Andrew Murray.

Once again it was a fabulous evening. Wayne & Anne were the perfect hosts, Scott McRae as MC was brilliant and Auctioneer Mark Warren was outstanding. The Penrith community are amazing and their commitment to the event is truly inspiring.

Music For Life Penrith Highlights

Highlights of the evening included entertainment by Abbalance, bringing everyone onto the dance floor….we all knew the words as I think most of us are Abba’ tragics’.

A huge thanks to Anne & Wayne – you are true Brain Cancer Warriors.

On a sadder note, last week we attended the funeral of 6-year-old Allegra – a patient of Charlie’s who had lost her battle to brain cancer.

No parent should have to bury their child, and it strengthened my resolve to keep raising awareness and funds to find a cure for this insidious disease.