What we do

Our mission and everything we do is underpinned by our values:







We bring hope to people affected by brain cancer. We do this by funding innovative brain cancer research to develop better treatments that will extend life and eventually find a cure.

We are inspired by and dedicated to our community and bring people and organisations together to raise awareness and support in the fight against brain cancer.

We are committed to openness and will be transparent with you in everything we do. We are committed to running a low cost, lean and efficient charity to maximise our funding of brain cancer research.



Funding Brain
Cancer Research

Our focus is on funding brain cancer research. We raise funds utilising the power of Charlie’s wonderful community and distribute those funds to the best scientists conducting the most innovative brain cancer research.  We will do this in the most efficient and effective way possible and will show you the steps along our journey to finding a cure. We know we won’t always get it right. We know we will make mistakes. But our commitment to openness ensures we will be transparent about them. This is how we will bring hope to people affected by brain cancer.

Australian Brain
Cancer Patients

The Charlie Teo Foundation has an Australian focus. Funding will prioritise research conducted by scientists in Australia. These scientists are working on world-leading projects than need sustained support in order to succeed and expand. Our commitment is to support the frontline of research and empower our local teams to collaborate with the global scientific community.

By funding local research Australian patients will have accelerated access to cutting-edge trials and other innovations in brain cancer treatment. They will be able to participate in trials being conducted right here in their own country.

Scientific Advisory Board

A scientific advisory board led by Charlie will assist our board to determine how best to fund to brain cancer research. We will provide information and results about the outcomes from research projects we fund. We will think outside the box and take chances on funding more innovative research.