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Brain Cancer Research Symposium

2 March 2022

Today the Charlie Teo Foundation held our first ever Brain Cancer Research Symposium, as we celebrate 4 years since our official launch as an Australian charity!

Brain cancer researchers from around the globe presented their work, patients and families shared their unique and powerful stories, and our scientific advisory committee stimulated meaningful discussion.

Dr Charlie Teo reflected on the day:

Today was our inaugural research conference at which every scientist funded by the Charlie Teo Foundation had the opportunity to present their projects. As a testament to how engaged and dedicated they were, not a single person exited the virtual meeting until its completion.

The presentations were exciting, innovative, scientifically robust, novel and readily translatable to the bedside. The scientists were equally passionate about their projects as they were to share ideas and collaborate with each other.

The symposium gave me an incredibly positive feeling about the worth of the Charlie Teo Foundation. Everything that I had set out to achieve, I felt was coming to fruition… and at a much more accelerated rate than I ever imagined!

The goals of Charlie Teo Foundation were to be disruptive, transparent, fiscally lean and tenacious in our pursuit of finding treatments for Australian patients specifically, and all brain tumour patients.

I felt incredibly emotional and confident listening to all these disruptive thinkers. I know that the Charlie Teo Foundation is executing on exactly what we set out to achieve when we opened our doors 4 years ago this very week.”

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