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“It is all about volunteerism. It is all about the cause, not the running of the charity itself. There is no reason why charities cannot run lean. Here at the Charlie Teo Foundation, we embrace people’s talents to have them do what they do best. Our volunteers become part of my family.”

– Prof Charlie Teo AM

Do you have time, skills or resources to share?
Charlie Teo Foundation truly values the time and energy that our volunteers and pro bono supporters so generously offer us. We are so grateful for the trust of the community and for wonderful people and organisations who consistently go over and above. To register as a volunteer, please submit a Volunteer Application and ensure you have read our Volunteer Guidelines. For any organisations who wish to offer pro bono support, please email volunteer@charlieteofoundation.org.au

Volunteer application Volunteer guidelines

Thank you to our incredible volunteers and pro bono supporters

We wish to recognise the contribution and loyalty of our volunteers and pro bono supporters who help us all year round. You are truly part of the Charlie Teo Foundation family. Your priceless support allows us to efficiently pursue our purpose of funding game-changing brain cancer research. We simply couldn’t do this without you!

When it comes to our books, we’re an open book

At the Charlie Teo Foundation we’re not only changing the game when it comes to research, but also when it comes to financial transparency. Yes, we’re an open book.
Why are we stating this?
Because here in Australia there are no mandatory standards or rules defining how charities report on their costs. This means charities classify costs in different ways, and are rarely transparent to donors about how this is done. This makes it almost impossible to compare one charity to another. Many charities classify certain costs as program expenses not as admin costs if they feel they are directly attributable to the activities of the charity. This may include costs like a portion of employee salaries and insurance premiums.
We’ve decided to do things differently
At the Charlie Teo Foundation what you see is what you get. Our numbers may not look as good as other charities but that’s primarily because we don’t do any cost allocations that could make our numbers look more favourable. Our commitment to you is to report our financials differently. We will:
  • Publish easy-to-understand graphs on our website.
  • Update these after the end of each financial quarter.
  • Report on how we’re spending our total income. We’ll also report on our charity reserves. These are funds saved before being committed and spent in pursuit of our purpose - funding the best brains to beat brain cancer.
  • Be clear. So just know that whenever we talk about our “costs”, we are talking about both our fundraising costs and admin costs.
  • Publish our audited reports for each financial year.
Let’s breakdown our spending even further
  • Brain Cancer Research - We define this very strictly and simply as money that’s committed and directly spent on our research programs and grants for research. These are our program expenses. We commit and distribute this money in accordance with our research strategy. Spending wisely on research takes time and care. We take funding decisions and accountability to donors very seriously.
  • Fundraising Costs - Raising money can cost money. That’s just the reality. These are the costs of conducting our fundraising activities. And while we always try to keep them down, events, activities and gala dinners generally have associated costs.
  • Administrative Costs - Just like any other organisation, running a charity has overheads. These costs include employee salaries, office equipment and various bills. Our volunteerism model helps keep these costs low.

Our latest financials

Our commitment to you is that we will report on our financials by publishing graphs on our website. These will be updated after the end of each financial quarter. We'll strive to make this information as transparent and easy to understand as possible. We'll also publish our audited reports for each financial year - also found on the ACNC’s website.