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Ask Charlie

Do you have a burning question for Charlie? 

We gave you the chance to have your burning questions answered by the man himself. Thank you to everyone who let us know what YOU want to know!

In our Ask Charlie webseries, world-renowned neurosurgeon, Prof Charlie Teo AM, answers your burning questions. Get to hear from the man himself about what he thinks could cause brain cancer, keeping a healthy brain, performing life-saving surgery, his quest for a cure and what inspires him.

Watch this 5-part webseries below. New episode released each Tuesday!

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Released Tues 18/8

In this premiere episode, Charlie answers your burning questions about what causes brain cancer. We don’t yet know the cause… but hear what Charlie thinks about some possible genetic, environmental, behavioural and biomedical risk factors. Watch now to find out what the studies show about mobile phones and non-ionising radiation…

Released Tues 25/8

In this episode, Charlie answers your burning questions about keeping a healthy mind, body and soul. Hear him talk about brain health and the impact on the brain of diet, exercise, stress and the gut. Watch now!

Released Tues 1/9

In this episode, Charlie answers your burning questions about his quest for a cure over the last 20 years, the deadliest types of brain cancer in adults and children and why brain cancer research is still so under-funded. Hear from Charlie about how YOU can join him in the fight against brain cancer. Watch now!

Released Tues 8/9

In this episode, Charlie answers your burning questions about what it’s like to hold someone’s life in your hands, what patients face from the time of their diagnosis and treating patients in a COVID-19 world. Watch now!

Released Tues 15/9

In the final episode of this Ask Charlie series, you’re set to get up close and personal with the man behind the mask. Hear what inspires world renowned neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo and what makes him tick. Watch now!

Thank you to our amazing community who asked questions, tuned in each week and donated. Every dollar makes a difference to research, please donate generously to help find treatments and a cure for brain cancer.