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In these podcasts, our founder and world-renowned neurosurgeon, Prof Charlie Teo AM, starts the conversation about brain cancer. Listen now to hear what makes Charlie tick and what inspires him to dedicate his life to fighting brain cancer.

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Released October 2022

Dr Charlie Teo is renowned for performing intricate and complex brain surgeries that others have called inoperable. He is a pioneer in one of the most demanding and challenging jobs on the planet – neurosurgery. In this chat Charlie is raw, unfiltered and vulnerable as he talks about what it take to be given the privilege to operate on the human brain.

Released August 2021

Neurosurgery is hard work. Amongst the handful of people who know just how hard it is, there’s Professor Charlie Teo – a globally renowned surgeon known for taking on cases others deem too risky. Turia Pitt and Professor Charlie go deep into how to cope with the stress of such a high stakes job, what pushes Charlie to go to work every day, and the surprising impact of politics in the world of surgery, on Turia’s quest to find out what we learn from doing hard things.

Thank you to Turia Pitt for inviting Charlie on as your first guest and helping raise brain cancer awareness!

Released Feb 2021

The Do One Better! Podcast is a weekly podcast on philanthropy, sustainability and social entrepreneurship hosted by Alberto Lidji – insightful interviews with the leaders who are achieving remarkable change!

In this episode, our founder Prof Charlie Teo talks about the Charlie Teo Foundation’s work in driving forward brain cancer research, the latest medical advances and his sense of urgency to find a cure. Charlie provides an insight into the state of affairs in brain cancer research today, sheds light on the medical advances he has witnessed since his days as a medical student and shares his optimism for much more effective treatments in the not too distant future.

The Do One Better! Podcast has hit the No.1 spot on Apple in the UK and various other countries.

Thank you to Alberto Lidji for inviting Charlie as your guest on The Do One Better! Podcast and helping raise brain cancer awareness.

Released April 2020

Shane Lee sits down with local and international guests who have reached the top of their fields to share stories about the heady highs and dismal lows of life.

For former Australia spin bowler Gavin Robertson, it was only a matter of hours between being told of his diagnosis with GBM brain cancer to undergoing brain surgery with Prof Charlie Teo, the same day. In this episode, Gavin and Charlie sit down with Shane Lee to share the story and reveal a unique insight of a medical expert and patient relationship.

Hear from these two amazing individuals in their own right who come together to share their experiences and discuss life, brain surgery and brain health.

Thank you to Shane Lee for inviting Gavin and Charlie as your guests and helping raise brain cancer awareness.