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Brain Tumour Biobank

Institution: Charlie Teo Foundation, AUS
Grant amount (AUD): $432K
Grant Awarded: 2019
Status: Ongoing

Transformative research depends on the availability and accessibility of human specimens. To accelerate the rate of discovery and innovation in the fight against brain cancer, we have taken the initiative of consolidating and amassing a treasure trove of precious brain tumour specimens. Our goal is to make this invaluable resource widely accessible for researchers, fostering collaboration and collective progress. These specimens encompass a spectrum from benign to high-grade tumours, including longitudinal collections of recurrent brain tumours. By offering researchers the opportunity to analyse an extensive array of human brain tumour specimens, we move closer to developing game-changing solutions for this insidious disease. Together, we strive to unlock new insights and usher in a brighter future for those affected by brain cancer.

Much like snowflakes, each brain tumour specimen housed in the Brain Tumour Biobank is one-of-a-kind. This diverse collection presents an opportunity to advance personalised treatment strategies, allowing researchers to connect the unique molecular features of each tumour to specific and more effective treatments. Beyond personalisation, the Biobank holds the promise of uncovering new biomarkers for brain tumours – these are like molecular clues that doctors can use for precise identification of conditions or diseases. This not only aids in early detection but also empowers doctors to customise treatment plans at an earlier stage, potentially transforming outcomes for individuals facing brain cancer.

The Brain Tumour Biobank is committed to collecting, processing, and disseminating high-quality samples and information, encompassing a spectrum from benign tumours to aggressive forms like glioblastoma. Rigorously approved and audited by an independent human research ethics committee in line with the ethical standards set by the National Health and Medical Research Council, this initiative not only amplifies the utility of samples but also accelerates research findings, potentially transforming outcomes for brain tumour patients.

The Brain Tumour Biobank is also a NSW Health Pathology certified biobank, meaning its processes and procedures are certified as in line with international best practices including ISO 20387 – Biotechnology – Biobanking – General Requirement for biobanking.

Brain tumours, exhibiting diverse cell origins and behaviors, span from benign to aggressive, with glioblastoma posing a particularly challenging treatment landscape and enduring stagnant survival rates over the past 35 years. Despite current treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, the outlook for aggressive brain cancers remains disheartening. In the pursuit of advancing brain cancer research, the biobank aspires to forge new collaborations with researchers, driving progress in risk identification, early detection, sub-classification, and the discovery of innovative treatments.

Research Progress

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Brain Tumour Biobank is a NSW Health Pathology certified biobank. We previously published in the Open Journal of BioResources to be open and transparent about our biobanking processes including consenting and material handling procedures, quality assurance measures and processes for accessing materials.

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